The Warrior Tradition: Conquering Fear

The Warrior Tradition: Conquering Fear BY CHÖGYAM TRUNGPA RINPOCHE The term “warrior” relates to the basic situation of being a human being. The heart of the warrior is this basic aliveness or basic goodness. Such fearless goodness is free from doubt and overcomes any perverted attitudes towards reality. Doubt is the first obstacle to fearlessness... Continue Reading →

Awakened Heart

Awakened heart comes from being willing to face your state of mind. The sitting practice of meditation is a means to awaken this within you. When you awaken your heart, to your surprise, you find that it is empty. If you search for awakened heart, if you put your hand through your rib cage and... Continue Reading →

Original Purity

In this world, there are always possibilities of original purity, because the world is clean to begin with. Dirt never comes first, at all. For example, when you buy new towels, they don’t have any dirt on them. Then, as you use them, they become dirty. But you can always wash them and return them... Continue Reading →

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