Compassion towards ourselves allows us to speak with loving kindness and gentleness to others. Even if the other has lashed out or said harsh words, what an amazing gift we give the other when we can see his/her suffering and build an emphatic bridge to reach that other person’s heart. When and if that happens, both people are richer for it. We can only do that when we know ourselves deeply; know that we, too, can be harsh; know that we, too, react from our fears and our suffering; know that we too, react defensively. When we know this about ourselves and we bring compassion to ourselves, then it becomes easy or easier to extend ourselves and open our hearts to another person in pain
When we intentionally listen with the desire to understand others, offer them our loving wishes and choose to see their limitless potential and NOT what is wrong with them at this temporary point in time, something happens. What happens is that our own heart is changed. We become the love that we offer to them.ā€ ā€“ Teal Scott

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