Let me get enlightened first!

“Of course, even when you see the world as a trap and posit a fundamental separation between liberation of self and transformation of society, you can still feel a compassionate impulse to help its suffering beings. In that case you tend to view the personal and the political in a sequential fashion. "I'll get enlightened... Continue Reading →

Wearing the veil of suffering

“One of the most important steps in the process of coming to the end of suffering is seeing that there’s something deep inside of us that actually wants to suffer, that actually indulges in suffering. As I’ve mentioned, there is a piece of us that wants to suffer because it is through suffering that we... Continue Reading →

Ignorance is oddly comforting

When we realize that we like our kleshas, we begin to understand why they have such power over us. Hatred, for example, can make us feel strong and in charge. Rage makes us feel even more powerful and invulnerable. Craving and wanting can feel soothing, romantic, and nostalgic: we weep over lost loves or unfulfilled... Continue Reading →

The only trouble is the trouble

“As the lotus does not touch the water so do not let the world enter your heart.. Being busy in the world is no trouble, unless you are troubled being busy, then the only trouble is the trouble.. Ocean does not complain about the dance of ten million waves! so don't be concerned with the... Continue Reading →

Keep those feet moving

Long ago, in Tibet, there was a ceremony, held every hundred years, which Buddhist students could undergo in order to attain enlightenment. All the students would line up in their white robes. The lamas—the Tibetan priests—and the Dalai lama would line up before the students. The Dalai Lama would begin the ceremony by saying, "This... Continue Reading →

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