Discerning Awareness

Excerpt from the book ' Emotional Awareness' A conversation between The Dalai Lama and Paul Ekman Discerning Awareness “Ekman : Let us consider an example that is relevant to the issue we have been discussing : a pediatric oncology nurse who works eight hours a day with young children who are dying of cancer and their... Continue Reading →

When Things Fall Apart

I had always thought of myself as a flexible, obliging person who was well liked by almost everyone. I'd been able to carry this illusion throughout most of my life. During my early years at the abbey, I discovered that I had been living in some kind of misunderstanding. It wasn't that I didn't have... Continue Reading →

How to fail

If there is one skill that is not stressed very much, but is really needed, it is knowing how to fail. There is a Samuel Beckett quote that goes “Try again. Fail again. Fail better.” That quote is what will help you more than anything else in the next year, the next ten years, the... Continue Reading →

Peace is right here

Some people find the teachings I offer helpful because I encourage them to be kind to themselves, but this does not mean pampering our neurosis. The kindness that I learned from my teachers, and that I wish so much to convey to other people, is kindness toward all qualities of our being. The qualities that... Continue Reading →

The lion’s roar

The Lion's Roar is the fearless proclamation that any state of mind, any circumstance, any part of ourselves, including the most difficult emotions, is a workable situation, a reminder in the practice of meditation. We can realise that the chaotic situations must not be rejected, nor must we regard them as regressive, as a return... Continue Reading →

Make a True Home of Your Love

Every one of us is seeking emotional intimacy. We want to have real communication, mutual understanding, communion. In the light of Buddhist practice, you have to listen to your own suffering. There is suffering inside of you, and there is suffering inside of the other person. If you do not listen to your own suffering,... Continue Reading →

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