The only trouble is the trouble


“As the lotus does not touch the water
so do not let the world enter your heart..
Being busy in the world is no trouble,
unless you are troubled being busy,
then the only trouble is the trouble..

Ocean does not complain about the dance of ten million waves!
so don’t be concerned with the rise and fall of thoughts..

Keeping an old troublesome habit
is like keeping poisonous snakes in your arms.
Now is the time to hold this snake and throw it out..

Bad moods are either past or imaginary future,
in the Present there are no moods at all..
Moods belong to the circumstance, to the past;
face the Sun and there will be no shadow of the moods..

The world is like a tail of dog, it’s nature is to curl.
The best you can do is stay Quiet
and not let anything bother you..
Visitors will come and go, don’t interfere with these waves..
Just be silent..”
― H.W.L. Poonja, The Truth Is

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