Why Meditation is important?

In meditation you withdraw from others and focus your attention inside to gain purity of mind and wisdom energy. Then you must become extroverted and use this energy. When you take a long jump, you must first take some steps backward. Then you run, and make the jump. Like this, you first withdraw, observe yourself,... Continue Reading →

The Tonglen Practice

The tonglen practice is a method for connecting with suffering—ours and that which is all around us—everywhere we go. It is a method for overcoming fear of suffering and for dissolving the tightness of our heart. Primarily it is a method for awakening the compassion that is inherent in all of us, no matter how... Continue Reading →

The Power of an Open Question

The term Middle Way is commonly misunderstood. We may interpret middle to mean “finding a balance.” For example, in the way that we might pursue, say, material fulfillment on the weekdays and try to balance that with something “spiritual” on the weekends. Or we may think the Middle Way refers to something in between two... Continue Reading →

The Healing Power of Mind

‘Whatever the cause of unworthy feelings, a powerful remedy lies in the realization that we are perfect in our true nature. If we understand this, confidence and fulfillment will spontaneously arise within us. It is crucial to recognize the importance of this understanding, at least on the conceptual level. Then, if we have any positive... Continue Reading →

Learning to remain balanced in the face of everything

By learning to remain balanced in the face of everything experienced inside, one develops detachment towards all that one encounters in external situations as well. However, this detachment is not escapism or indifference to the problems of the world. Those who regularly practice Vipassana become more sensitive to the sufferings of others, and do their... Continue Reading →

Broadening our view can loosen our grasping

‘Instead of always imposing our habitual viewpoints onto things, it can help to remind ourselves how open the world is to interpretation. For example, looking at a tree, a doctor may see it as a source of medicine or poison. A trader might calculate its monetary value, and a carpenter might measure its construction potential.... Continue Reading →

The essence of bravery is being without self-deception

“The essence of bravery is being without self-deception. However, it’s not so easy to take a straight look at what we do. Seeing ourselves clearly is initially uncomfortable and embarrassing. As we train in clarity and steadfastness, we see things we’d prefer to deny—judgmentalness, pettiness, arrogance. These are not sins but temporary and workable habits... Continue Reading →

Meditation Allows To See Pure Mind

‘About this mind in truth there is nothing really wrong with it. It is intrinsically pure. Within itself it’s already peaceful. That the mind is not peaceful these days is because it follows moods. The real mind doesn’t have anything to it, it is simply (an aspect of) Nature. It becomes peaceful or agitated because... Continue Reading →

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