Broadening our view can loosen our grasping


‘Instead of always imposing our habitual viewpoints onto things, it can help to remind ourselves how open the world is to interpretation. For example, looking at a tree, a doctor may see it as a source of medicine or poison. A trader might calculate its monetary value, and a carpenter might measure its construction potential. A scientist might analyze its chemical and electrical impulses. A drunk might see the same tree as a wheel spinning over his head. A poet might lose herself in its beauty. A Christian might utter a prayer in praise of God’s creation. A Buddhist might see the tree as a manifestation of interdependent causation or an expression of ultimate peace.

Broadening our view can loosen our grasping at self and allow us to realize how our own mental fabrications and habits obscure our peaceful nature.’

– Tulka Thondup, The Healing Power of Mind

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