Being civil often has an element of acting


Being civil often has an element of acting. However, in the hinayana, you are behaving rather than acting. Acting is trying to manifest yourself for the sake of display, whereas behaving is how you feel. Acting is the way you dance, and behaving is the way you sneeze or hiccup. You know if you are being genuine. You are the first person who knows. When you are acting, you are concerned with other people’s possible reactions; but when you are behaving, you are just behaving. It’s like sitting on the toilet seat and doing your duty: nobody is watching. It’s your private concern, so there is a quality of genuineness. In the hinayana, you behave decently because the dharma is actually a part of you. That is the meaning of taming yourself. . . .Becoming a dharmic person means that in your everyday life from morning to morning, around the clock, you are not trying to kid anybody


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