Finding grace

Your very ability to recognise something outside of yourself and see its value forms part of the equation of grace. The qualities of appreciation and humility, which arise as natural expressions of your own mind, are no less sacred than the objects that arouse them. To be touched by the beauty and pain of life... Continue Reading →

All the problems are crucial

All the things taking place around our world, all the irritations and all the problems, are crucial. Without others we cannot attain enlightenment—in fact, we cannot even tread on the path. If there is no noise outside during our sitting meditation, we cannot develop mindfulness. If we do not have aches and pains in the... Continue Reading →

Developing a sense of balance

From the echo of meditative awareness, you develop a sense of balance, this is a step towards taking command of your world. You feel that you are riding in the saddle, riding the fickle horse of mind. Even though the horse underneath you may move, you can still maintain your seat. As long as you... Continue Reading →

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