Developing a sense of balance


From the echo of meditative awareness, you develop a sense of balance, this is a step towards taking command of your world. You feel that you are riding in the saddle, riding the fickle horse of mind. Even though the horse underneath you may move, you can still maintain your seat. As long as you have good posture in the saddle, you can overcome any startling or unexpected moves. And whenever you slip because you have a bad seat, you simply regain your posture; you don’t fall off the horse. In the process of losing your awareness, you regain it because of the process of losing it. slipping in itself, corrects itself. It happens automatically. You begin to feel highly skilled highly trained… when little things happen, good or bad, right or wrong-you don’t exaggerate them. You constantly come back to your saddle and your posture ~ Chogyam Trungpa

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