Drop Specialness

Tibetan Buddhist teacher Chögyam Trungpa warned against this common pitfall for aspirants on the spiritual path: “The problem is that ego can convert anything to its own use,” he said, “even spirituality.” In The Myth of Freedom, the Tibetan teacher Chögyam Trungpa Rinpochetalks about the very un-specialness of the Buddha: “. . . that total... Continue Reading →

Why We Suffer

Alan Wallace, a leading Western teacher of Tibetan Buddhism, puts it like this: “Imagine walking along a sidewalk with your arms full of groceries, and someone roughly bumps into you so that you fall and your groceries are strewn over the ground. As you rise up from the puddle of broken eggs and tomato juice,... Continue Reading →

Cool lonliness

Another aspect of cool loneliness is not seeking security from one’s discursive thoughts. The rug’s been pulled; the jig is up; there is no way to get out of this one! We don’t even seek the companionship of our own constant conversation with ourselves about how it is and how it isn’t, whether it is... Continue Reading →

The powerful seed of gentleness

When we look into ourselves, we tend to fixate on our neurosis, restlessness, and aggression. Or we might fixate on how wonderful, accomplished, and invulnerable we are, but those feelings are usually superficial, covering up our insecurities.Take a look. There is something else, something more than all that. We are willing: willing to wait, willing... Continue Reading →

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