The best way you can begin to practice this is to be aware of what you are doing. There’s no other way than that. From there, you begin to develop more space. Being aware of what you are doing does not have to become heavy-handed. You can just do it. Just be aware of what... Continue Reading →

Closing door properly

One day, when I was a novice monk, my teacher asked me to do something for him. I was very excited to do it for him because I loved my teacher very much. So I rushed out to do it. But because I was so excited, I wasn’t mindful enough, and I slammed the door... Continue Reading →


What the warrior renounces is anything in his experience that is a barrier between himself and others. ~ Chögyam Trungpa


Generosity is a willingness to give, to open without philosophical or pious or religious motives, just simply doing what is required at any moment in any situation, not being afraid to receive anything. Opening could take place in the middle of a highway. We are not afraid that smog and dust or people’s hatreds and... Continue Reading →

No solid ground under our feet

The resolution that human beings seek comes from a tremendous misunderstanding. We think we can resolve everything! When we human beings feel powerful energy, we tend to be extremely uncomfortable until things are resolved in some kind of secure and comforting way, either on the side of yes or the side of no. Or the... Continue Reading →

What is true compassion?

“The fundamental characteristic of true compassion is pure and fearless openness without territorial limitations. There is no need to be loving and kind to one’s neighbors, no need to speak pleasantly to people and put on a pretty smile. This little game does not apply. In fact it is embarrassing. Real openness exists on a... Continue Reading →

The pain of being in-between

"We are told about the pain of chasing after pleasure and the futility of running from pain. We hear also about the joy of awakening, of realizing our interconnectedness, of trusting the openness of our hearts and minds. But we aren't told all that much about this state of being in-between, no longer able to... Continue Reading →

Genuine heart of bodhichitta

"Bodhichitta is a Sanskrit word that means “noble or awakened heart.” It is said to be present in all beings. Just as butter is inherent in milk and oil is inherent in a sesame seed, this soft spot is inherent in you and me. Just as a jewel that has been buried in the earth... Continue Reading →

Heroism – redefined

“We often think of heroism as something that occurs in moments of grave crisis… But in Buddhism, warriorship also points to the sense of not giving up on goodness and kindness. This warriorship is a matter of showing up again and again to life. This is the sense of the courage required to be on... Continue Reading →

The illusory world

“The world we are trying to transcend is not the physical world of air, sunlight, and ocean. After all, that world, even with all of its problems, is an amazingly beautiful world. Our problem is with the world that mind has constructed. Can we see that there is a mental world that we have created... Continue Reading →

Taking refuge

To work on ourselves is really only possible when there are no sidetracks, no exits. Usually we tend to look for solutions from something new, something outside; a change in society or politics, a new diet, a new theory. Or else we are always finding new things to blame our problems on, such as relationships,... Continue Reading →

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