Why it was ever such a big deal


Having spent some “quality time” with whatever it is we have been trying to avoid, we may soon recognize that “it” is not actually a thing at all! We make it a thing. It’s like having some mouldy food at the back of the refrigerator that we don’t want to deal with, so we keep it there. Every time we open the refrigerator we are aware of its presence but don’t want to face it. But perhaps one day, finally, we muster up the courage and put on a glove, get it out of there. Yes, it may be epic at first, but we do it, and feel a sense of accomplishment afterwards. It makes us wonder why it was ever such a big deal.

Looking at whatever we have been trying to avoid through meditation is even better than getting that mouldy thing out of the fridge. Why? Because when we take a good look at this “thing” (which is like a map or an idea we hold on to) and begin to walk it’s territory, we find that it is quite dynamic, and maybe even intriguing. It is not a singular, permanent, or independent “thing” at all! In fact, by walking its territory we may even enjoy it, and recognize that it was our clinging to it as a “map” (as this singular looming, creepy, unexamined thing) that caused us so much pain. Hmmm….very curious!

Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel

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