Real contemplation

Meditation doesn‘t always mean sitting somewhere with eyes closed. That is just one way to do meditation. It means you are working with the experience of emptiness. If through this experience you develop knowledge of contemplation, your practice may really become true Contemplation – but if it does not, you just remain in that state of emptiness or shunyata.

…..Real contemplation means being in one’s Real Condition. One’s real condition includes not only emptiness, but also what we call movement. So if one has no capacity of integrating or being in that movement, one is very far from one’s real condition.

If you have real knowledge of the Tantric teachings, you know how to be in movement and at the same time, in the state of contemplation. Then, if you dance all day, or sit all day without moving, there is no difference. Perhaps someone who has the capacity of integrating with movement can become realized more quickly, which is why in the Tantric teachings, movement is used more. You see, there is also the movement at the level of our own energy, so in Tantrism the method of transformation involves integrating everything into that principle.


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