Glimpse of Egolessness

ego by Chögyam Trungpa

Looking for security and failing to find it is a glimpse of Egolessness. Everyone begins the journey on the path by experiencing dissatisfaction. Something is missing somewhere, and we are frantically looking for it. But even though we run faster and faster, we do not discover anything at all. There is the constant sense that we are missing the point. So we start to ask questions…

Egolessness” does not mean that nothing exists, as some have thought, a kind of nihilism. Instead, it means that you can let go of your habitual patterns and then when you let do, you genuinely let go. You do not re-create or rebuild another shell immediately afterward. Once you let go, you do not just start all over again. Egolessness is having the trust to not rebuild again at all and experiencing the psychological healthiness and freshness that goes with not rebuilding. The truth of egolessness can only be experienced fully through meditation practice – Chögyam Trungpa

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