Pushing difficult emotions

A problem arises when we tend to become too ambitious in terms of dealing with emotions--particularly those involved with spiritual practice. We've been told to be kind, gentle, good people. Those are the conventional ideas of spirituality. When we begin to find the spiky quality in ourselves, we see is an antispirituality and try to... Continue Reading →

How far do you go

How far do you go if you are a therapist trying to help an alcoholic or drug addict? If this person has somehow decided to become a drug addict for the next five thousand lifetimes, you, as a bodhisattva, must have the determination to be reborn wherever they are going to be reborn. You might,... Continue Reading →

Empty nature of thoughts

When we recognize a thought, that recognition alone will not liberate it. It is not that we should not recognize it; it must be recognized.But then when recognizing it, without grasping at the thought, the basis from which it arises – the unaltered natural state of mind pointed out by our teacher – should also... Continue Reading →

Attacked by our own aggression

The question that we're going to discuss tonight is a very simple one. It is a question of heart. That is what the world needs. The heart of warriorship is also fearlessness. Having a heart at all is based on being fearless and manifesting a sense of warriorship. When we talk about becoming a warrior,... Continue Reading →

The way we experience life

Buddhist psychology offers a different approach to happiness, teaching that states of consciousness are far more crucial than outer circumstances.More than anything else, the way we experience life is created by the particular states of mind with which we meet it. If you are watching a high school soccer playoff and your daughter is the... Continue Reading →

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