Love is your gateway

The human heart longs to love and be loved, yet we are all too often afraid. We’ve been hurt, betrayed, abandoned, misunderstood, targeted, left out, and our love story has become a ghost story. The ghosts of loss and pain haunt us, warning us to hedge our bets and put up a shield to protect ourselves from further loss and rejection. Yet love and freedom invite us to turn toward the world. They offer the gifts of a flexible heart, wide enough to embrace experience, vulnerable yet centered.
Yes, you’ve been hurt and abandoned. But you found a way to survive your traumatic past and now the prison door is unlocked; you can walk out. How long will you keep your heart closed? How long will you turn your back on love? Take W.H. Auden’s advice and learn to “love your crooked neighbor with your own crooked heart.” Have courage, and remember in the end it is your love that matters most. Love is your gateway to freedom and your last word – Jack Kornfield

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