Put your trust in compassion

Each of us has our own measure of pain. Sometimes the pain we suffer is great and obvious; sometimes it is subtle. Our pain can reflect the coldness of our families, the trauma of our parents, the stultifying influence of modern society. As a result, we often feel that we have been cast out. To... Continue Reading →

Your sorrow will teach compassion

We all face praise and blame, joy and sorrow, gain and loss. To have compassion for your human vulnerability is a blessed, tender practice. Poet Alison Luterman calls her life a “wonderful failure.”Feel the joy and sorrow that make up your incarnation. Yes, you want to protect yourself, but remember, your sorrow will teach you... Continue Reading →

Become the healing

We can learn the difference between reaction and response. We can start by paying attention to small things, small pains and disappointments. When we’re in a hurry and the toast burns, we can react by fuming or hitting the counter, or we can feel our frustration and put in another piece of bread. When someone... Continue Reading →

What is prayer?

Prayer is a humble and intelligent way of asking for support for our aspirations and recognizing that we are not in total command of our world. Prayer, asking for help, is also a recognition that life is rich with resources for the aid of achieving our aspirations. - Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel

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