Jungle of samsaric chaos

The nature of the path is more like an expedition or exploration than following a road that already has been built. When people hear that they should follow the path, they might think that a ready-made system exists and that individual expressions are not required. They may think that one does not actually have to surrender or give or open. But when you actually begin to tread on the path, you realize that you have to clear out the jungle and all the trees, underbrush, and obstacles growing in front of you. You have to bypass tigers and elephants and poisonous snakes

The realisation that you actually have to make your way through this jungle of samsaric chaos may be a shock, but such a shock might be appropriate and good. If you do not have any understanding of that quality of the path, and instead feel that blessings are going to descend on you just like that, there is no point in having a path. The path would no longer be a journey. Instead, it would be like simply buying your ticket, checking yourself in, depositing your baggage, and getting your seat; then sitting and getting bored; and finally someone announcing that you are at the end of the journey so you can get off the transport. In that approach , there is a feeling of being cheated. There is no development taking place

– Chogyam Trungpa

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