We are all refugees

To work on ourselves is really only possible when there are no sidetracks, no exits. Usually we tend to look for solutions from something new, something outside; a change in society or politics, a new diet, a new theory. Or else we are always finding new things to blame our problems on, such as relationships,... Continue Reading →

Isolation retreat

Many of us are now settling into a different rhythm of life and getting used to words like quarantine, lockdown, curfew, shutdown, isolation, social distancing and so on. We have also been seeing people everywhere feeling the effects of these words whilst also being fearful of catching the virus.The term "social distancing" is such an... Continue Reading →

True refuge

True refuge is that which allows us to be at home, at peace, to discover true happiness. The only thing that can give us true refuge is the awareness and love that is intrinsic to who we are. Ultimately, it's our own true nature - Tara Brach

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