Giving something to others

You might feel inadequate because you have a sick father and a crazy mother and you have to take care of them, or because you have a distorted life and money problems… A lot of these situations could be regarded as expressions of your own timidity and cowardice. They could all be regarded as expression... Continue Reading →

Don’t impose forcefully

There is a story regarding the Buddha which recounts how he once gave teaching to a famous sitar player who wanted to study meditation. The musician asked, “Should I control my mind or should I completely let go?” The Buddha answered, “Since you are a great musician, tell me how you would tune the strings... Continue Reading →

A different way of being

According to the Buddhist tradition, the spiritual path is the process of cutting through our confusion, of uncovering the awakened state of mind. When the awakened state of mind is crowded in by ego and its attendant paranoia, it takes on the character of an underlying instinct. So it is not a matter of building... Continue Reading →

An emperor of some sort

A sense of depravity..poverty almost always seem to linger in mind. I ‘m not enough or do not have enough of this or that...a sense of unfulfillment seem to linger on endlessly. After consciously becoming aware of this unsettledness one starts to make many endeavors to fulfill it - new possessions or new experiences ...... Continue Reading →

Embryonic sadness

When you are trying to help others, you begin to feel that the world is so disordered. I personally feel sadness, always. You feel sad, but you don't really want to burst into tears. You feel embryonic sadness....That sadness is a key point, ladies and gentlemen. In the back of your head, you hear a... Continue Reading →

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