Practice letting go daily

Letting go of small things is important in order to learn how to let go of large things. We can practice letting go daily. In conversations with someone who has a different point of view, we can let go of our point of view. Or perhaps we might be attached to wanting to be good and generous, but when we see a beggar in the street, we have chains attached to our wallets. So instead of rolling down the window, we roll it up. The tibetan saint, Milarepa, said if you are attached to a quarter, summon up the courage to give away two. It is an immediate antidote to attachment. This benefits your mental disciple and gives you freedom of mind. We develop the sense of joy of letting go. In those small ways we accumulate the gut to let go and will be able to do so with less trauma when big times come. We notice the joy that comes with letting go, the joy that melts the knot in our hearts that comes from holding on. Like a good sportsman, we prepare ourselves to be stronger and more courageous for the next round – Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche

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