What is transcendent wisdom

What is transcendent wisdom? Let’s inquire into that. Actually you can call it by many names, whatever name you prefer. It is a direct momentary process of dissolving all illusion right now, in this very moment. It is the dissolving of the illusion of pain, sorrow, and hatred. It is the dissolving of the illusion of self. There is a fire of awareness ignited in our consciousness which ruthlessly burns everything, without any exception… It is momentary. It is direct experience. It is a realization of losing everything, losing all our cherished ideas and concepts, sometimes without any resistance. It’s good to lose everything sometimes. It is good to get out of the straitjacket and get free from everything that has been imprisoning us throughout many lifetimes. It is truly liberating to lose all our cherished illusions, including the illusion of self. That is transcendent wisdom.


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