Perhaps! in giving lies abundance

A sense of depravity..poverty almost always seem to linger in mind. I ‘m not enough or do not have enough of this or that…a sense of unfulfillment seem to linger on endlessly. After consciously becoming aware of this unsettledness one starts to make many endeavors to fulfill it – new possessions or new experiences … however all in vain!

This fulfillment we seek makes us realise that possession is not the answer, perhaps in giving lies the answer – giving of yourself – love, financially, comfort, compassion…in all forms. This giving needs to be uncorrupted in it’s intention as any expectations back puts us back in the ‘lack of’ mode – when we start to expect something back we once again become beggars, looking outside to fulfill us. Infact giving and almost wanting not to get anything back makes one a fulfilled person – someone who doesn’t lack – almost like an emperor! Of some sort

Only genuine giving therefore offers somewhat of a firm footing in this vulnerable samsara allowing us to experience the wealth & treasure we carry inside

Lotus Seed

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