We are the nuisance

In reality, nothing can save us from a state of chaos or confusion unless we have acknowledged it and actually experienced it. Otherwise, even though we may be in the midst of chaos, we don’t even notice it, although we are subject to it. On the path of meditation, the first real glimpse of our... Continue Reading →

Others want same as me

The practice of loving-kindness and compassion toward others essentially involves cultivating the recognition that all living creatures want to feel whole, safe, and happy. All you have to do is remember that whatever’s going on inside someone else’s mind is the same thing that’s going on in yours. When you remember this, you realize that... Continue Reading →

Liberation lies within

If we cease looking, searching, what are we left with? We’re left with what’s been right there at the center all the time. Underneath all that searching there is distress. There is unease. The minute that we realize that, we see that the point isn’t the search, but rather the distress and unease which motivate... Continue Reading →

A difficult undertaking

The realization of where our dukkha comes from must be followed by the understanding that disliking it will not make it go away; only letting go of wanting makes dukkha disappear, which means unequivocal acceptance. Accepting oneself results in being able to accept others. The difficulty with other people is that they present a mirror... Continue Reading →

Let go of controlling

Start to notice all the ways that you try to control the world. How do you try to get others to do what you want them to do? How do you try to control your own feelings and mind states, with or without intoxicants? How do you rebel against being told what to do or... Continue Reading →

Keep practicing surrender

The biggest question is can we accept the past and surrender to the present? Intellectually, we might be ready to say "I’m ready to do it." In the realm of experience, this can be quite challenging to do regardless of having patchy and momentary peace, especially, during meditation. In my understanding, there is no true... Continue Reading →

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