State of non-detachment

Detachment doesn’t mean “throw it away” or “don’t have feelings about it.” It definitely does not mean denying or obstructing the mind’s natural tendency to project. Imagine you are about to go into a cotton factory. Before entering you pour glue all over your body, and then you demand, “I don’t want any cotton balls to stick to my body, but I won’t remove the glue from my body either.” Then you enter the cotton factory. Of course the glue, by its nature, makes cotton balls stick to you. In meditative language, that kind of stickiness is called deliberation or fabrication, and here we call it the state of non-detachment. The state of non-detachment is when you get entangled and you make the story line similar to that of a daytime soap opera in which four characters go on for twenty years. It keeps on multiplying and you exaggerate the situation. You create a state in your mind that is full of grasping, clinging, and attachment

Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche

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