We learn by making mistakes

To understand the truth of Dukkha is actually to understand mind's neurosisOf course we have made mistakes. Of course we have not been very skillful. Of course we have made ourselves and the people around us suffer. But that does not prevent us from improving, from transforming, from beginning anew.To begin anew is to look... Continue Reading →

Creating happiness is an art

Learn to nourish yourself and your loved ones with joy. To love someone means to understand them. It means knowing how to bring them joy and happiness in concrete ways. If you act skillfully, your words and actions will make the other person feel fresh and light. Sometimes a kind word or two are enough... Continue Reading →

Transitory nature of beings

It can be difficult to accept others and to accept ourselves. "I should be better. I should be something different. I should have more." All of this is conception; it's all mental fabrication. It's just the mind churning up "shoulds," "ought tos," and "supposed tos." All this is conceptual rubbish, and yet we believe it.... Continue Reading →

Defending viewpoints

This is something we must learn through meditation — that it is impossible to be absolutely right. Most of the time all we are doing is defending a viewpoint, which is based on our own ego. Because we have this ego, the "me" delusion, all our viewpoints, all our opinions are colored by that. They... Continue Reading →

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