Hidden Buddhas Everywhere

Even in this world, and even now, there are said to be many hidden yogis or discreet yogis, called Bepay Naljor in Tibetan. It means those realized ones who are not generally recognized as great spiritual sages or saints, but have deeply tasted the fruit of enlightenment, and are living it. Perhaps they are anonymously... Continue Reading →

Painting of happiness

Nazim Hikmat, the great Turkish Poet once asked his friend Abidin Dino, Turkish artist and famous painter, to draw a picture of Happiness. He drew picture of a whole family, cramped up on a broken bed, under a leaky roof in a shabby room, but still with a smile on each member's face! The painting... Continue Reading →

Stop postponing living

Subconsciously we are lured by the expectation that we will reach a stage where we don’t have to fix anything ever again. One day we will reach “happily ever after.” We are convinced of the notion of “resolution.” It’s as if everything that we’ve experienced up until now, our whole lives to this moment, was... Continue Reading →

Being yourself-as you are

The key point of meditation is to develop sympathy for yourself. You could enjoy being yourself. You don’t have to borrow anything or bring any foreign influences into your life. You are self-sufficient therefore you can make yourself comfortable. In meditation, you create a very natural situation for yourself … Meditation practice is based on... Continue Reading →

Devotion in Buddhism

"It may sound as if you must have devotion first in order to have an understanding of the view, that devotion ignites the practice of the Dharma. But as you become more seasoned in practicing the Dharma, especially the Vajrayana, the gap between devotion and the goal of devotion becomes very small. As you become... Continue Reading →

We don’t buy original sin

As far as the Shambhala principles are concerned, we don’t believe in original sin. You are not fundamentally condemned. In fact, quite the opposite. Fundamentally, you are good. In spite of your hypocrisy, you are capable of being good, and what you express will be good as well. It will work out fine." - Chögyam... Continue Reading →

Why meditate?

When we look deeply into ourselves, we see both flowers and garbage. Each of us has anger, hatred, depression, racial discrimination, and many other kinds of garbage in us, but there is no need for us to be afraid. In the way that a gardener knows how to transform compost into flowers, we can learn... Continue Reading →

Mind is the root of everything

Many great teachers have said” “it is only the foolish that go looking for happiness outside of themselves; the wise and learned know that all happiness and the causes of happiness are present in ourselves, in our own mind and heart.” What this means is that happiness is up to us. If we know how... Continue Reading →

Stop feeding your suffering

The Buddha said, "Nothing can survive without food"—not even love. Without nourishment, your love will die. You can learn ways to nourish your love every day, so that your love can continue to thrive. What kind of food are you feeding your love? When you produce loving thoughts, speech, and actions, these nourish your love... Continue Reading →

Becoming a dharmic person

Being civil often has an element of acting. However, in the hinayana, you are behaving rather than acting. Acting is trying to manifest yourself for the sake of display, whereas behaving is how you feel. Acting is the way you dance, and behaving is the way you sneeze or hiccup. You know if you are... Continue Reading →

Why we are afraid of death

Perhaps the deepest reason why we are afraid of death is because we do not know who we are. We believe in a personal, unique, and separate identity — but if we dare to examine it, we find that this identity depends entirely on an endless collection of things to prop it up: our name,... Continue Reading →

We make our lives so heavy

It’s like a dance. And we have to give each being space to dance their dance. Everything is dancing; even the molecules inside the cells are dancing. But we make our lives so heavy. We have these incredibly heavy burdens we carry with us like rocks in a big rucksack. We think that carrying this... Continue Reading →

Our excuses are simply tactics

Sometimes people say, “I’m not really angry, but this is happening to me and that’s happening to me, and it’s not right.” We can say these words and claim not to be angry while continuing to chew on our resentment. Even the best excuse will not relieve or lessen the pain of a disturbed heart.... Continue Reading →

Our memory is untrustworthy

Some people have the view that if they take up the past for contemplation they can somehow learn from it and solve the problems of the past. However, you should understand that when you gaze at the past, you invariably look through distorted lenses. Whatever you think it was like, in truth it was not... Continue Reading →

Recognizing the inherent potential

“The essence of Buddhist practice is not so much an effort at changing your thoughts or your behavior so that you can become a better person, but in realizing that no matter what you might think about the circumstances that define your life, you’re already good, whole, and complete. It’s about recognizing the inherent potential... Continue Reading →

Live for now

Most of the time we are trying to make the good things last, or we are thinking about replacing them with something even better in the future, or we are sunk in the past, reminiscing about happier times.Ironically, we never truly appreciated the experience for which we are nostalgic because we were too busy clinging... Continue Reading →

You are my beloved

Many voices ask for our attention. There is a voice that says, 'Prove that you are a good person.' Another voice says, 'You’d better be ashamed of yourself.' There also is a voice that says, 'Nobody really cares about you,' and one that says, 'Be sure to become successful, popular, and powerful.' But underneath all... Continue Reading →

The essence of bravery

“The essence of bravery is being without self-deception. However, it’s not so easy to take a straight look at what we do. Seeing ourselves clearly is initially uncomfortable and embarrassing. As we train in clarity and steadfastness, we see things we’d prefer to deny—judgmentalness, pettiness, arrogance. These are not sins but temporary and workable habits... Continue Reading →

Manifest richness in your world

The notion (of kingdom) here is that your life is potentially wealthy and good. There is a great deal of misunderstanding about wealth. Generally being wealthy means that you have lots of money, but the real meaning of wealth is knowing how to create a goldlike situation in your life. That is to say, you... Continue Reading →

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