Inculcating Tender Heartedness

Deep down, people long for a genuine connection with others. We have the desire to interact with others from a tender human heart. This longing becomes quite palpable when we are dealing directly with others, such as during a visit to the doctor’s office. We often wish that the doctors or nurses would relate to us as a human being with tender heartedness, which in turn can warm our heart. Often the very thing that we long for is also that for which others yearn. It’s not necessary to show our heart’s tenderness to everyone that crosses our path. Rather, it’s more about staying open-hearted towards others whenever we remember to do so. There are many moments here and there where we can show our tender heart to someone who just needs it

There is humanness in each of us. When we see that humanness, our sense of closeness with each other can naturally emerge. Everyone wants to be happy. No one wants to suffer if they have a choice. Most people have somebody they love in their life. Everyone has rich emotions, from sadness to joy and beyond. We all have our own fear as well as courage. While we have differences as human beings, we also have biological and psychological proclivities that bind us together in the same human species. Yet such humanness can be easily veiled when we relate to each other through the illusory matrix of color, race, status, position, physical appearance, and so forth. These various personas hinder our recognition of who we actually are

In order to make this world more benevolent, each of us can widen our heart and start to practice seeing the humanness of everyone. By doing so, loving-kindness and compassion will become the natural ground from which we interact with this world each day. –

Anam Thubten 

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