Stop postponing living

Subconsciously we are lured by the expectation that we will reach a stage where we don’t have to fix anything ever again. One day we will reach “happily ever after.” We are convinced of the notion of “resolution.” It’s as if everything that we’ve experienced up until now, our whole lives to this moment, was... Continue Reading →

Being yourself-as you are

The key point of meditation is to develop sympathy for yourself. You could enjoy being yourself. You don’t have to borrow anything or bring any foreign influences into your life. You are self-sufficient therefore you can make yourself comfortable. In meditation, you create a very natural situation for yourself … Meditation practice is based on... Continue Reading →

Devotion in Buddhism

"It may sound as if you must have devotion first in order to have an understanding of the view, that devotion ignites the practice of the Dharma. But as you become more seasoned in practicing the Dharma, especially the Vajrayana, the gap between devotion and the goal of devotion becomes very small. As you become... Continue Reading →

We don’t buy original sin

As far as the Shambhala principles are concerned, we don’t believe in original sin. You are not fundamentally condemned. In fact, quite the opposite. Fundamentally, you are good. In spite of your hypocrisy, you are capable of being good, and what you express will be good as well. It will work out fine." - Chögyam... Continue Reading →

Why meditate?

When we look deeply into ourselves, we see both flowers and garbage. Each of us has anger, hatred, depression, racial discrimination, and many other kinds of garbage in us, but there is no need for us to be afraid. In the way that a gardener knows how to transform compost into flowers, we can learn... Continue Reading →

Mind is the root of everything

Many great teachers have said” “it is only the foolish that go looking for happiness outside of themselves; the wise and learned know that all happiness and the causes of happiness are present in ourselves, in our own mind and heart.” What this means is that happiness is up to us. If we know how... Continue Reading →

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