Mind is the root of everything

Many great teachers have said” “it is only the foolish that go looking for happiness outside of themselves; the wise and learned know that all happiness and the causes of happiness are present in ourselves, in our own mind and heart.”

What this means is that happiness is up to us. If we know how to use this mind of ours, and if we come to understand our mind and its true nature, then nothing can be more wonderful. We become the master of our own self, and our mind becomes the source of freedom. Unfortunately, if we don’t know how to use the mind, and we are dominated by our thoughts and destructive emotions, then the mind can prove to be our very worst enemy, a real nightmare.

To know that the mind is the root of everything is to realize that we are ultimately responsible for both our own happiness and our own suffering. It is in our hands

Sogyal Rinpoche

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