The world makes no sense

When we see the world in motion we realise that the workings are rather arbitrary in nature. There doesn’t seem to be any ‘logic’ in it’s running. Some people are making millions, while kids are dying of cancer, to countries at war and celebrity affairs making headlines. To wake up to this madness everyday is sensory overload to say the least. I often mumble to myself what is going on? There is so much to process and so little logic in everything that takes place. News has become extension of paid advertisements and almost everyone is outraged over something or the other on social media

How do we keep sanity in all this cacophony? How do we make sense of all this injustice in the world that stares you in the face everyday? Is it a fallacy to believe in happy endings? yet if we drop this underlying belief then how can we operate without being depressed and pessimistic about life
I have come to the understanding that there is something greater than this disoriented and chaotic existence, and that is to not be controlled by it. One cannot live in it and not be influenced by it, however we don’t have to be controlled by it. We need to develop an autonomous way of existing and act independently of  the circumstances we find ourselves embedded in. We need to bypass the logic of it, bypass waiting for things to make sense and be fair. Finding ourselves in the midst of all this we need to develop courage and do the right thing. In time to come the ‘right thing’ may be disastrous, however there is no way to tell – so we do what we can with the best intentions. Most of us don’t have the compassion of Bodhisattva’s so we take baby steps…one at a time. We realise that developing a soft compassionate heart towards ourselves & others in this world is an act of tremendous bravery and not weakness – A lion’s roar.  When we learn to accept ourselves warts & all we will become more accepting of others as well – it is impossible not to

– Lotus Seed

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