When fear arises

When fear arises, name it softly and experience what it does to the breath, to the body, how it affects the heart. Notice the sensations and ideas that accompany it, the scary stories it tells. When we work with the fearful mind, we will initially become afraid. However, at some point, if we open our... Continue Reading →

The thought of benefiting others

However the very bottom line is to do all ones actions with bodhichitta. That is the best, the most meaningful way to think. This makes your life most beneficial. As much as possible with awareness keep ones attitude and thoughts in bodhichitta, the thought of benefiting others, try to do all the activities with that... Continue Reading →

Striking a balance

When you practice compassion, don't "feel" the pain. When you feel the pain, you don't have any space left to practice compassion to anybody. Whenever you practice compassion keep very detached, with attachment...do you understand? This takes balance. "Compassion is something you hold, equanimity is how you detach." Without these two together, only holding, holding,... Continue Reading →

Become a rebel

In a world where everyone wants you to be someone else, staying true to your call is almost an act of rebellion. Walking the path of authenticity, of what is true to your heart is by no means an easy task. Daily responsibilities and chores begin gnawing at us the moment we open our eyes... Continue Reading →

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