Become a rebel

In a world where everyone wants you to be someone else, staying true to your call is almost an act of rebellion. Walking the path of authenticity, of what is true to your heart is by no means an easy task. Daily responsibilities and chores begin gnawing at us the moment we open our eyes in the morning, however it is our duty to pull our hand away – even for a short while and do what deeply resonates with us. It could be meditation, a walk in the park, playing with your dog or cooking – anything that connects you with your inner ‘richness’ and makes you feel wholesome. Living in a society that entrenches you in a poverty mindset by judging you by your possessions – reaching within to nourish ourselves serves as an antidote to this insecurity. Although we do it for ourselves and not not for others, however as one cannot give from an empty chalice this practice will benefit near ones too

– Lotus Seed

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