Ocean of samsara

The definition of an ocean of samsara is that as long as we are dualistic, we are in samsara. Anything that is pursued through dualism can never be fulfilled. The appetite of dualism is equal to the size of all space. There is no way to fulfil your desire, greed, hatred, jealousy, pride, stinginess and fear. In the living history and beyond, no-one, not one single person, man or woman, has managed to fulfil their defilements through dualistic means. Therefore, the only way to fulfil our limitless potential is by the realisation of non-dualism, which is described by many terms, such as ultimate bodhichitta, ground Mahamudra, fruition Mahamudra, primordial wisdom, ultimate emptiness. All kinds of terms are used to describe this, but all of that simply means: the limitless essence, which is the essence of each one of us right now, is not somewhere else, it is in us right now, and each one of us is the embodiment of this

– Tai Situ Rinpoche

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