Ending the quarrel

Meditation is one of the main tools we have to develop and practice mindfulness. It is a way to look at ourselves scientifically, so that we can see our psychological situation precisely. Meditation practice is not an exotic or out-of-reach approach. It is immediate and personal, and it involves an intimate relationship with ourselves. We... Continue Reading →

Dialogue with our fear

We need to dialogue with our fear, and send it love and compassion because normally we suppress it, we push it down, we don’t like it, it’s something we don’t want. So therefore, it’s always pushed down and there in the darkness, it can grow, whereas if it comes up into the light of our... Continue Reading →

Injecting Bodhichitta

“...the time we live in is a fertile ground for training in being open-minded and open-hearted. If we can learn to hold this falling apart–ness without polarizing and without becoming fundamentalist, then whatever we do today will have a positive effect on the future. Working with polarization and dehumanization won’t put an immediate end to... Continue Reading →

Our fundamental insecurity

The cause of all these sufferings is our fundamental insecurity. We are always wondering whether we exist or not. Our ego, or rather our attachment to the idea of self, is completely insecure about its own existence. Our ego may seem strong but it is actually quite shaky. Of course, we do not ask such... Continue Reading →

You are special like everyone else

All people have enlightened nature. Everyone’s hearts are innately imbued with tsewa. Why not cherish what you have in common with all beings rather than make yourself insecure by trying so hard to be special, somehow better than everyone else? If you can enjoy being ordinary, you’ll be free from the insidious, unrelenting pain of... Continue Reading →


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