Become aware of it

True freedom is not doing whatever you want. True freedom is learning you can control what you want. It’s being released from wanting the things that tempt you but don’t bring you happiness. It’s being released from your ego Eliyahu Jian

Don’t be on a mountain top

Among Tibetans there is a saying that a person who thinks he is better or above others because he is wiser, more capable, more knowledgeable or learned is like someone sitting on the highest peak of the highest mountain. And what is it like on the peak of that mountain? It is very cold there.... Continue Reading →

Become a researcher

Pain can be a better revealer of your own mind than any other state. Sometimes pain is really a great ally for you to discover certain defects in your mind. Pain sometimes can serve as an illuminator. People think, “Oh, I’m not very arrogant; I don’t feel so arrogant; I don’t think I see myself... Continue Reading →

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