The buried jewel within

Sometimes in our sleep or unexpected moments we get back in touch with the ‘happiest’ version within or as some people call ‘child within’ – this point of reference lies deep within, often covered with layers of anger, resentment, grudges and buried away to avoid hurt and disappointments. Sometimes buried so deep away that we forget about it all together…but then we see a dream, an old photo, a song…something, usually unplanned – a surprise, and we come face to face with it. Even if it is for a fleeting moment – we recognise it and realise that we had not ‘lost’ it & it was there all along. Like a jewel covered in mud for years, the brilliance is still there underneath. In Buddhism this is called Basic Goodness or Buddha Nature. It is therefore very important not only to pause and recognise when it comes up, but we owe it to ourselves to nurture it and remove rubbish that has piled on top. Realising above comforts us asirrespective of all circumstances we recognise this inherent brilliance that lies within – Lotus Seed

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