Train in letting go

Samsara simply means the believer of thoughts.Nirvana is seeing that thoughts are not existent.What does this mean? Don't hold your thoughts, let go of your thoughts. This technique, this practice will make you free from suffering, guaranteed. Believing that your emotions are real, believing that your thoughts are real, believing that whatever comes into your... Continue Reading →

Meaning of bardo

The Tibetan word bar do literally means “between two.” Popularly it is taken to refer to the after-death state. However, its principal meaning is the nowness in every moment of time, the continually moving point between past and future. Thus, bardo occurs at every moment of time, and to understand it is to understand the... Continue Reading →

The root of dharma

To work on the mind is a very vast subject; in fact it is the subject of the entire Buddha Dharma. In essence the main reason the mind generates it’s confusing passions and intense emotions is the strong clinging to I, me, and mine. Because of that clinging, we suffer when do not obtain all... Continue Reading →

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