Train in letting go

Samsara simply means the believer of thoughts.
Nirvana is seeing that thoughts are not existent.
What does this mean?

Don’t hold your thoughts, let go of your thoughts. This technique, this practice will make you free from suffering, guaranteed. Believing that your emotions are real, believing that your thoughts are real, believing that whatever comes into your head is real, this is what is actually meant by the word “samsara”. Most of us have never asked the question to our thoughts “Are you real?”

When I say thoughts aren’t real, please for a split second look into your mind and see if what I’m saying is really true, if it makes sense. Relax, hang loose, be yourself, and look inwardly and see your thoughts and emotions. See that almost 100% of the time our belief in our thoughts and emotions is automatic. Thought comes, thought ceases, but because of your BELIEF, you never see that that every thought is actually ceasing. So then you hold on with an iron grip. Belief is very dangerous because it keeps the picture that everything is real, and believing that everything is real is what is called we call “ignorance”. This is why we train in letting go, hanging loose, very gentle natural looseness.

Phakchok Rinpoche

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