Stepping out of thought process

Meditation practice is a simple way of stepping out of the neurotic and chaotic aspects of the thought process. We can simplify everyday life, as well as bring simplicity to the sitting practice of meditation. Relating to both practice and daily life as fully as possible, being right on the dot in terms of technique,... Continue Reading →

The Second Noble Truth

Having become acutely aware of our dissatisfaction, we begin to search for a reason for it. By examining our thoughts and actions, we discover that we are continually struggling to maintain and enhance ourselves. We realize that this struggle is the root of suffering. So we seek an understanding of the process of struggle. This... Continue Reading →

A person of the world

In order to make yourself a person of the world, you have had to fight for every inch. Even when you are pressing your clothes or busy organizing a cocktail party, there is always an undercurrent of trying to prove something, trying to achieve something. Whatever you do involves some kind of chauvinism, which in... Continue Reading →

An ongoing journey

In our practice and in our life, working with all the challenges is an ongoing journey, not just a one-shot deal. When we meditate over a long period of time and make a commitment to meditation as an ongoing part of our life, we discover that meditation provides us with a path to work with... Continue Reading →

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