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One of my fav quotes The word "Empty" in Buddhism does not mean 'empty' 'nothing' or 'void' it rather refers to the nature of how every thing is interdependant and has no independent origin. Read more about it here

Learning to appreciate

You can develop appreciation everyday, little bit, little bit. So, maybe, you can appreciate that you being alive. Appreciate about your breath, "Wonderful I have breath! How nice!" Or when you see something, appreciate that you are able to see. You have nice wonderful eyes which you can see the trees, mountains, houses, people.Appreciate that... Continue Reading →

Gaps in our struggle

Insights come only when there are gaps in our struggle, only when we stop trying to rid ourselves of thought, when we cease siding with pious, good thoughts against bad, impure thoughts, only when we allow ourselves simply to see the nature of thought. Chögyam Trungpa

Stop just for a little bit

Being mindful does not mean that we just sit for hours on our meditation cushion in a retreat or monastery. There are many ways to practice mindfulness that can be fully integrated into our daily living. Besides conscious breathing, we can do walking meditation, sitting meditation, smiling, mindful listening, mindful speaking, and mindful working. We... Continue Reading →

Being at war with ourselves

“The Buddha said there are two kinds of suffering. One is physical suffering, one is mental suffering. Physical suffering is inevitable because we have a body. But mental suffering is optional. We don’t need to suffer these emotional storms and torture ourselves with all these feelings of guilt and shame and all these things. We... Continue Reading →

Can animals get ‘enlightened’?

Even in this world, and even now, there are said to be many hidden yogis or discreet yogis, called Bepay Naljor in Tibetan. It means those realized ones who are not generally recognized as great spiritual sages or saints, but have deeply tasted the fruit of enlightenment, and are living it. Perhaps they are anonymously... Continue Reading →

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