Learning to appreciate

You can develop appreciation everyday, little bit, little bit. So, maybe, you can appreciate that you being alive. Appreciate about your breath, “Wonderful I have breath! How nice!” Or when you see something, appreciate that you are able to see. You have nice wonderful eyes which you can see the trees, mountains, houses, people.
Appreciate that you are able to see.
Appreciate that you are able to hear.
Appreciate that you have food and that you are able to eat.
That’s the basic things that already exist within you, normally we are not appreciating and we are taking for granted. So now, begin to see those things.
So you can come up everyday with at least 3 appreciations.
Some people might think, “I don’t have anything to appreciate, I don’t have any goodness within me.” But actually you have.
You can think that, “I don’t have goodness.” …. That’s wonderful! Right?
You are able to think, “I don’t have goodness.”
So being able to think, is nice. So you can appreciate that
“I can think of that (I don’t have goodness.)” That’s already ….. you have already won.
So do this small practice and come up everyday with something new, You can change different object(of appreciation), day to day

Mingyur Rinpoche

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