Disown your thoughts

In the practice of meditation, the way to be daring, the way to leap, is to disown your thoughts, to step beyond your hope and fear, the ups and downs of your thinking process. You can just be, just let yourself be, without holding on to the constant reference points that the mind manufactures. Chogyam... Continue Reading →

Allow things to be how they are

“The Dharma is very practical, but it’s not just a matter of sitting in meditation. It’s a matter of bringing that attitude into our daily life, into everyone we meet and every task we undertake in an open, relaxed, spacious mind, which allows things to happen as they happen, without being so grasping, that we... Continue Reading →

Our daily life is our practice

“So keep it short. And keep your aspiration—that our whole day will be our dharma practice, that it’s not just sitting on your cushion. Your cushion, yes, is to get your mind settled, get the awareness clear, set up good motivation, but then we have to use our daily life, everyone we encounter, everything we... Continue Reading →

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