Not knowing

Wonderment is a way of being. In wonderment we are interconnected with things as they are. It brings us to peace, openness and freedom. Through “not knowing” we access humility and awe Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel

Sky is free from clouds

The absence of grasping and fixation provides something extremely firm. It is not firm in the style of grasping or fixation but it is the firmness of pure ground. It is like flying in an airplane. When we take off and we fly up, and when we rise above the clouds, we begin to realize... Continue Reading →

Bringing about happiness

Whenever the competitive mind and jealousy come up, then you need to do the work. Now, some people will think that this is very positive thinking: “We need to work with competitive companies and competitive people and we need to work harder to improve.” But my point is that our competitive and comparing mind is... Continue Reading →

Romantic illusions

Millions of people in this world are interested in some version of meditation, or yoga, or one of the many so-called spiritual activities that are now so widely marketed.A closer look at why people engage in these practices reveals an aim that has little to do with liberation from delusion, and everything do to with... Continue Reading →

Our inherent brilliance

Sometimes in our sleep or unexpected moments we get back in touch with the 'happiest' version within or as some people call 'child within' - this point of reference lies deep within, often covered with layers of anger, resentment, grudges and buried away to avoid hurt and disappointments. Sometimes buried so deep away that we... Continue Reading →

Genuine resting place

The beautiful thing about the dharma is that whatever arises is fine. The Buddha never said that some thoughts or feelings are bad and we should reject them. And there is no need to make a big deal about them or make them special either.I think the point is to be natural with our experience…and... Continue Reading →

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