Becoming masters of our mind

“Most of us are slaves of our moods, of our feelings, of our emotions, of our memories, of our anxieties. We’re completely swept along by this. We suffer, and we cause others to suffer. But if we can become the masters of our mind, then we can use our mental faculties in a way which... Continue Reading →

Dependant arising

If you plant a seed in the ground and all the right conditions are present, such as perfect soil, water, and heat—every thing is together and there are no obstacles—then no matter how much you pray for the plant not to grow, it will grow. It will definitely grow because the seed planted in the... Continue Reading →

Genuine transformation

In order to receive any genuine transformation we have to transform everything we do, everything we say, everything we think, to the utmost of our ability, into a Dharma practice.If we use every action of body, speech and mind as our practice, by cultivating awareness, being present in the moment, seeing things with clarity and... Continue Reading →

It’s all empty

"Usually our minds are so crowded with thoughts and feelings that we don’t see the space inside. This is why we’re always saying, relax, relax—it’s to allow the open, spaciousness of the mind and the space between thoughts and feelings, and the nature of thoughts and feelings, which is also space. It’s all empty. But... Continue Reading →

Understanding our mental states

“How can we begin to take responsibility for our actions? A good way to start is by learning to understand our mental states. One of the easiest ways to train in this is to take some simple everyday action such as combing our hair, brushing our teeth, shaving or drinking our morning coffee, and bring... Continue Reading →

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