Wearing a mask

Like a child at the cinema, we get caught up in the illusion. From this comes all of our vanity, ambition, and insecurity. We fall in love with the illusions we have created and develop excessive pride in our appearance, our possessions, and our accomplishments. It's like wearing a mask and proudly thinking that the... Continue Reading →

Spider caught in its own web

If you follow the example of most people of this decadent age, you will end up being just like them—an expert fraud. You will waste your life chasing after the unattainable. You will be like children who are so busy playing that they are indifferent to hunger and cold and don’t notice the day passing—until... Continue Reading →

Where you are at with practice

In prison Khenpo Münsel Rinpoche taught me this:‘The extent of your realization will be known when you encounter difficult circumstances.You will not know the extent of your realization when things go well.’ When you find yourselfin a troublesome situation, when you are in great pain, when an intense emotion arises,only then will you know where... Continue Reading →

Befriending ourselves

“We have to forgive ourselves. We have all made mistakes and acted stupidly. So what? We're human beings. If we were perfect then we wouldn't need a path, since we would already have arrived! It is because we have problems, because we have faults, because we've made stupid mistakes that we need a path. So... Continue Reading →

The key to wise thought

The key to wise thought is to sense the energy state behind the thought. If we pay attention, we will notice that certain thoughts are produced by fear and the small sense of self. With them will be clinging, rigidity, unworthiness, defensiveness, aggression, or anxiety. We can sense their effect on the heart and the... Continue Reading →


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