Allowing ourselves to be disappointed

We expect the teachings to solve all our problems; we expect to be provided with magical means to deal with our depressions, our aggressions, our sexual hangups. But to our surprise we begin to realize that this is not going to happen.It is very disappointing to realize that we must work on ourselves and our... Continue Reading →

Dharma is no just feel good

The aim of far too many teachings these days is to make people “feel good,” and even some Buddhist masters are beginning to sound like New Age apostles. Their talks are entirely devoted to validating the manifestation of ego and endorsing the “rightness” of our feelings, neither of which have anything to do with the... Continue Reading →

Bright moon emerging from the clouds

As we tame the wildness of our minds with the appropriate discipline, all our defects will gradually disappear and all the qualities of a Bodhisattva will bloom. As Nāgārjuna said:Someone who has acted carelessly,But later becomes careful and attentiveIs as beautiful as the bright moonemerging from the clouds.However intractable our ego-clinging might seem, it is... Continue Reading →

Living for now

Most of the time we are trying to make the good things last, or we are thinking about replacing them with something even better in the future, or we are sunk in the past, reminiscing about happier times. Ironically, we never truly appreciated the experience for which we are nostalgic because we were too busy... Continue Reading →

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