At the heart of every addiction

At the heart of every addiction
is the attempt
to run away
from ourselves.

To flee our sorrow, self-doubt, anxiety, shame, fear, guilt, loneliness.

To be somewhere other than where we are.

To be out of the Now.

Meditation, true meditation, courageously dismantles the core addiction,
the addiction to ‘somewhere else’,
to ‘another Now’,
to ‘not here’.

In true meditation, we are…

We allow ourselves to be
exactly as we are,
where we are,
today, in this moment.

We ‘bless the mess’ of our imperfect humanity
with bare naked attention.
Even if it hurts. Even if it stings.
Even if it burns.

We stay.
We just…stay.

We also honour the part of us
that doesn’t want to stay!
The part that wants to run.
The part that wants to be
a million miles from here.

The part that wants the drink,
the drug, the cigarette,
the contact, the excitement, the chocolate,
the shopping trip, the next… high.

We do not shame that part either.
We see it, and bow to it.
We offer it unlimited compassion.
It is also sacred.
And young, and scared.

Friend, even your non-acceptance
is acceptable to life,
and not ugly, sinful, unspiritual or a mistake.

Even the most ‘violent’ thunderstorms
are welcome here
in the vastness of the Sky
that is your undying, merciful Presence.

– Jeff Foster

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