Great stillness within

Most of us search for peace and happiness in our thoughts, feelings, activities, relationships and our experiences of the body and the world. We hope for a time in the future when our minds and the world will settle down, so we can finally experience the peace of mind for which we long.

However, this time always seems to elude us.

The greatest gift in life is to realise that it is not necessary to wait for this time in the future, when everything is in order, to experience the peace for which we long. If we only take one small, inner step back, we uncover the silent and still presence of awareness that lies just beneath or behind the content of experience.

It is always there, always at peace. And always available to everyone.

It is simply waiting for us to turn our attention towards it, instead of turning our attention outwards to the content of experience. The more we access this great stillness at the heart of awareness, the more it quietly grows.

Rupert Spira

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